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ABL Fabricators is a highly respected manufacturer of high strength  transition couplings, serving the vacuum, cryogenic, aerospace, oil and gas separation applications, tube and pipe industries and more.

ABL Fabricators metalurgically  bonds 300 series stainless steel to 6000 series aluminum for pressure or vacuum tight couplings in tube or pipe sizes.  ABL’s joints have a bond shear strength of 4,500 psi and withstand a wide range of  temperatures (as low as 4.25 deg. K ).
ABL’s design custom fits each and every coupling overlapping the aluminum member over the  expansion material to load the bond in a compression fit . The bond is created by diffusion coating the steel member with aluminum, fitting the two members, then brazing. Our finished product is aged with heat to a T-5 strength condition.

ABL specializing in transition couplings but also provides  many other services to our customers. With over thirty years of experience in the machining industry we provide a wide range of applications while respecting customers wishes of best quality possible at lowest cost and completing in a reasonable timely manor, taking all aspects into consideration.

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N12031 Scherr rd.
Trempealeau, WI  54661                                                                                                    
phone(608) 534-6110
fax (608) 534-5338